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9 best apps for building presentations in iOS

You can create presentations from an iPhone or iPad, with nearly all the bells and whistles to make them more visual and less boring.

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Slideshow presentations can be notoriously snooze-worthy. Nearly all of us can remember sitting patiently while someone flipped through a seemingly endless stream of slides. Most people have realized that when it comes to presentations, less is more and being visual is better than putting all of our bullet points in each slide.

Our tools for creating presentations have also taken a big leap forward, and we can even create top-notch slideshows on iPhones and iPads, including the use of effects, transitions, video clips, background music, narration and captions.

Here are nine presentation apps for iOS that can get the job done.

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Microsoft PowerPoint

Practically synonymous with presentations, Microsoft PowerPoint (download on iOS) is a great tool for photo slideshows. Create a new presentation, then add a title and as many slides as you need. Then import your images to PowerPoint and add them to their respective slides. You can then edit and arrange them, add transitions, backgrounds and music. Then play from your device, broadcast to your TV or share via the cloud.

PowerPoint for iOS
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Google Slides

The Google Slides app (download on iOS) lets you make, tweak, collaborate with colleagues and finally share or present slideshows directly from your phone. Make beautiful slides instantly or customize them to your heart's content. You can also work with PowerPoint slides in Google Slides.

Google Slides for iOS
Screenshot by Joshua Rotter/CBS Interactive


Apple's Keynote app (download on iOS) helps you create beautiful slideshow presentations. Start by choosing one of 30 Apple-designed themes and then replace the dummy text and graphics with your own. Add pictures, videos, interactive charts, cinematic animations and elegant transitions. Collaborate with colleagues in real time over iCloud and when you're ready, present in person or remotely using Keynote Live.

Keynote for iOS
Screenshot by Joshua Rotter/CBS Interactive

Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck (download on iOS) allows you to easily create wow-worthy presentations on your iPhone or iPad. Get access to more than 40 million free-to-use photos; cool fonts, text templates and layouts; and the ability to create professional-looking charts with basic touch controls.

Work on your presentations across your devices or the web or collaborate with others using real-time syncing. Then present on your iPhone or on the big screen using your iPhone as a clicker.

Haiku Deck for iOS
Screenshot by Joshua Rotter/CBS Interactive

Adobe Spark Video

Adobe Spark Video (download on iOS) lets anyone -- from novices to experts -- create video presentations. Easily splice together video clips, photos, text overlays, music and even your own narration, and the app will handle the rest. Then present your video or share it on your blog or social media account.

Adobe Spark Video for iOS
Screenshot by Joshua Rotter/CBS Interactive

WPS Office

WPS Presentation, a part of WPS Office (download on iOS), lets you create, open and save Microsoft PowerPoint-compatible presentations.

Choose a template, upload your images, video and audio, and add cool font styles, shapes, text effects, columns and tables, advanced animation and slide transitions. After saving, you'll be ready to present via a monitor or a projector.

WPS Office for iOS
Screenshot by Joshua Rotter/CBS Interactive


Make cool videos with Animoto (download on iOS) using clips and pictures from your gallery. Choose from 50 video styles, add music from the built-in music library, photo captions and intro and outro cards, and then share.

Animoto for iOS
Screenshot by Joshua Rotter/CBS Interactive


RealTimes (download on iOS) takes the guesswork out of presentation-making by locating the best parts from your pictures and videos, arranging them, adding transitions and music, and making them easily shareable with the touch of a button. You can also customize your collages, montages and movies with filters, captions and your own music.

Realitimes for iOS
Screenshot by Joshua Rotter/CBS Interactive

Prezi Viewer

Prezi Viewer (download on iOS), the companion to the Prezi web app, lets you practice and present your presentation from wherever you are. Share via emailed or messaged link, or present on your Mac's monitor using Bluetooth. While you won't create the presentation in the iOS app itself in this case, Prezi is such a powerful and unique tool for creating presentations that it still deserved a place on this list.

Prezi Viewer for iOS
Screenshot by Joshua Rotter/CBS Interactive

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