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5 subscription box gifts for your dog (or dog-owning friends)

Keep man's best friend happy with monthly deliveries of toys and treats.

Sarah Jacobsson Purewal Freelance Writer
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Sarah Jacobsson Purewal
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It's not crazy to get a gift for your pup -- they like new toys and treats just as much as we do. There are tons of dog-oriented subscription boxes that will send you a fun mix of toys, treats, accessories and apparel for your furry friend each month for a (relatively) low price.

These subscription boxes aren't just great gifts for your dog, they're also great gifts for anyone who recently got a puppy or adopted a shelter dog, or for people who need some inspiration to get their pup's Instagram going. All prices below include shipping.



Price: $29/month; $240/year

BarkBox is probably the most popular doggie subscription box on the market -- it's the one you see on all of those dog Instagrams you definitely follow. For $20 to $29 a month, your dog will receive a mix of four or five treats and toys customized to his or her size: small (0 to 20 pounds), medium (20 to 50 pounds) or large (over 50 pounds). Each month's toys and treats follow a theme, usually seasonal, which makes them perfect for Instagram posts. All BarkBox treats are wheat-, corn- and soy-free, and the company also makes a special allergy-friendly box for dogs who are allergic to beef, chicken and turkey (you'll need to shoot the company an email to make sure your pup gets this box).

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Loot Pets

Price: $25/month; $276/year

Buying a gift for a nerdy dog (or a nerdy dog owner)? Loot Pets, the dog-friendly offshoot of Loot Crate, is the perfect subscription gift box. This box costs $23 to $25 per month and features a mix of toys, treats and apparel following a theme (such as "Horror" or "Magic"). Each box has an exclusive doggie T-shirt that matches the human T-shirt featured in the Loot Crate box and a collar charm for your pup's collar. The crates aren't customizable by dog size, but you can choose your pup's collar size (S, M, L) and shirt size (XS to 3XL; XS should fit a Chihuahua, while 3XL should fit a Great Dane).

Ermahgerd Berks


Price: $23 - $44/month

PupJoy is the perfect box for picky pups -- this box offers 28 customization options, including toys-only or treats-only boxes. For $23 to $44 per month, PupJoy sends a mix of toys, treats and accessories (like leashes, collars and dog shampoo). The box comes in two sizes, Uno for single-dog households and Grande for multiple-dog households. In addition to choosing toys- or treats-only boxes, you can customize boxes for your dogs' allergies (all-natural, grain-sensitive, protein-sensitive or organic), size (toy, small, medium, large and "huuuge," which is for dogs over 100 pounds) and toy preference (durable chew toys or soft plush toys).


Price: $39/month; $372/year

The plush toys in other doggie subscription boxes are cute and all that, but you know your dog will chew right through them. Bullymake is a subscription box designed for your dog -- the power chewer. For $31 to $39 per month, Bullymake sends five to six ultradurable toys, treats and edible chews. All toys have a 100 percent durability guarantee: If your dog destroys something within 14 days of receiving it, Bullymake will replace it. Like BarkBox, Bullymake offers an additional premium toy per box for an extra $9 per month. The box can be customized by size and allergies (grain, chicken/grain, beef/grain), and there's also an option for a toys-only box.

Pet Treater

Price: $25/month; $240/year

Pet Treater is a subscription box that sends a mix of toys and treats for your dog and one toy for you -- just in case you were feeling left out, I suppose. Pet Treater costs $25 per month or $240 per year; all plans renew automatically, but if you just want to try the box out it will cost you $35 without an automatic renewal. The box can be customized for different sized pups (small, or 0 to 20 pounds; medium, or 21 to 50 pounds; and large, or over 50 pounds). Pet Treater tends to send more products -- usually six to eight -- than similarly priced dog subscription boxes.

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