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4G Google Nexus 7 out now, O2 version doesn't work yet

You can now buy the 4G Google Nexus 7 here in Britain, from Google and O2 -- but only one is actually 4G to start with.

You can now buy the 4G Google Nexus 7 here in Britain, from Google and O2 -- but only one actually connects to 4G right now.

You can buy the new Nexus 7 tablet from the Big G's Google Play online store for £299. It takes one or two working days to turn up and delivery is free. Buy from Google and you have the freedom to choose which 4G network you want to sign up to, whether it's Vodafone, EE or O2.

O2 also sells the new 2014 Nexus 7 with a SIM card and 2GB of 4G data for £320. But be warned: as with the new LTE iPhone 5S and iPhone 5Ccan't connect to O2's 4G network yet. O2 promises only that "4G will be available for tablets by the end of 2013", but in the meantime you can still use 3G when you're out and about.

I asked O2 for a date, but the network told me that launching 4G for tablets before the end of the year is "still the plan".

The 4G LTE Nexus 7 (2014 edition) is also available in Australia, Canada, Germany, Spain, France, Japan and Korea as well as in our green and pleasant land.

The new Nexus 7 tablet also heralds the arrival of the next Nexus smart phone. The Google Nexus 4 is already being cleared from the shelves to make way for the as-yet-unconfirmed but heavily leaked Google Nexus 5.

Are you sold on the new Nexus 7? Does it stray too far from the wallet-friendly principle of the original Nexus? Tell me your thoughts in the comments or on our Facebook wall.