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200,000 Android phones sold daily, Google claims

Eric Schmidt, Google's CEO, has delivered a self-congratulatory oration on the sales figures of Android smartphones and his wide-eyed wonder at the Information Age

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Eric Schmidt, Google's CEO, has delivered a self-congratulatory oration on the sales figures of Android smart phones and his wide-eyed wonder at the Information Age.

Speaking at this week's Techonomy conference, Schmidt bragged unashamedly that 200,000 Android smart phones are being sold each day -- twice as many as two months ago, according to Engadget. Though these figures have not been verified by any independent analysts, indications of Android sales overtaking closest rivals iPhone and BlackBerry make it more than feasible.

Schmidt's statistics-fest didn't stop there, however. He went on to claim that, because of user-generated content, we now create as much information every two days as we did from the dawn of civilisation up to 2003, TechCrunch reports.

He didn't explain precisely what he meant by information, nor what measures he used to come to such a specific date, or even exactly when he considers the dawn of civilisation to have been, but he confidently asserted it was "something like five exabytes of data".

Android is definitely on the up, but BlackBerry's new 6 OS and Torch 9800 may disturb the balance once more. Pride comes before a fall, Eric.