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1More’s Triple Driver Over-Ear headphone is a knockout

The 1More’s latest full-size headphone offers tremendous bang for the buck.

It seems like most start-up headphone companies come and go in the flash of an eye, but 1More has stuck around for one simple reason: they really do make exceptional headphones for affordable prices.

1More Triple Driver Over-Ear headphone


1More's Mk801 over-ear and Triple Driver in-ear headphones received raves here at CNET in 2016, and I've had good results with their Quad Driver in-ears. Now along comes the Triple Driver Over-Ear at $250. Truly fresh-looking headphones are rare, but this one's design is distinctive without being gimmicky.

While 1More has dubbed the Triple Driver an over-ear design the ear pads weren't big enough to fit over my ears, they rested on my ears. Even so comfort was good, and the Triple Driver's aluminum ear cups each house a 42mm graphene dynamic driver, a separate 10mm piezo ceramic tweeter, and a passive bass reflector. The closed-back design does a good job keeping external noise at bay, and comfort is average for this type of headphone. I like that it easily folds up for compact storage.

The 4.2 foot cable is user replaceable, but doesn't have a mic or phone controls. The Triple Driver Over-Ear weighs 10.3 ounces and its impedance is rated at 32 ohms. Build quality feels rugged, you won't have to baby this headphone.

Sound-wise the Triple Driver is a refined and easy-to-listen-to headphone, nothing irritates over long listening sessions. Kim Deal's new Breeders album "All Nerve" demonstrated the Triple Driver's gravitas and poise under pressure. Bass was generous without feeling overdone, midrange is sweet, and treble is smooth and non-fatiguing. You can throw any genre at the Triple Driver and it'll sound good.  

1More's Triple Driver Over-Ear headphone folds for compact storage.


To put the headphone's sound in perspective I brought out a set of Audio Technica ATH-MSR7 over ear headphones ($249). The two 'phones sounded more alike than I would have guessed, though the 'Triple Driver was a tad clearer overall from bass to midrange to treble. Not by a large amount, the '7 wasn't what I would call laid back, but it's not going to push exaggerated "detail" on your ears. They're both closed-back designs, but the 'Triple's soundstage was wider and more clearly focused than the '7's, and the 'Triple was also more comfortable, thanks to its lighter head clamping pressure.

The 1More Triple Driver Over-Ear's looks, build and sound quality are all top notch for the money. I'm certainly looking forward to one more 1More headphone!