10 ways iOS 4 could shine on the iPad

The iPad's been hiding in the shadows since the iPhone 4 and iOS 4 debuted. The iPad isn't due for an operating system update until the fall, but when it does, we hope it gets some targeted improvements to distinguish itself.

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Scott Stein
Pop-up apps: another thing we'd like to see in iOS 4 for the iPad. Scott Stein/CNET

I'm not the first to report this, but it's hit me hard over the last few weekends: it's getting a bit difficult to be an iPad owner amid all this iPhone 4 to-do. As if a front-facing camera and higher-res Retina Display weren't already envy-inducing, to add insult to injury the iPhone already has iOS 4, with multitasking, folders, and other features that aren't available on the iPad yet. So, after a few months, has it come to this, Apple?

There is hope: first of all, the iPad doesn't have a problematic antenna. Secondly, iOS 4 has been promised on the iPad "this fall." The reason for the delay? Well, there could be many, but we hope the chief one is to allow Apple to give iOS 4 a good iPad-geared tweaking. There are some ways we'd like to see iOS 4 shine on the iPad. Here is our wish list.

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Obviously we're looking forward to e-mail threads and background audio streaming. We left those off the list and focused on more outside-the-box features. Heck, if these all arrive, the iPad just might steal some of its thunder back from the iPhone 4.

Let us know below in the comments if there are any you'd like to see more than others (or ones we missed).