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Take a look at LG's biggest (and smallest) OLED TVs ever: Yep, it's 97 inches

Both the 97-inch G2 and 42-inch C2 push the limits of OLED TVs a few inches further at CES 2022.

The 97-inch LG G2 pushes the OLED TV size envelope.
Richard Peterson/CNET

OLED TVs have better picture quality than the more common and less-expensive LCD-based TVs, but they're also available in fewer different sizes. But at CES 2022, LG is closing the size gap and hoping to broaden OLED's appeal: The massive 97-inch and relatively diminutive 42-inch versions represent the largest and smallest OLED TVs yet (unless you count early examples like the 15-inch LG EL9700 or the 11-inch Sony XEL-1).

Besting the previous OLED size champion, an 88-inch bruiser with 8K resolution that's been on sale since 2019, the 97-inch OLED is a sight to behold. I checked it out at LG's pre-CES showcase in New Jersey and came away convinced as ever that bigger TVs are better -- and based on my quick observations, it's perfectly detailed even though it has "only" 4K resolution.

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This behemoth is a member of LG's G2 series, which also includes sizes from 55 to 83 inches. As such, it's also thinner and more wall-mountable than the step-down C2 models LG introduced -- as well as being 20% brighter, according to LG. If you're keeping track, the biggest LCD-based models currently available top out at 98 inches.


The 42-inch LG C2 is the smallest OLED TV released in the last decade or so.

David Katzmaier/CNET

LG also had a 42-inch screen on display, which one-ups (one-downs?) existing 48-inch models. LG touted it as ideal for gamers and displayed it alongside the UltraGear gaming speaker, a setup that would put just about any gaming monitor to shame. Although the 42-inch OLED is a member of the C2 series it lacks the evo panel found on 55-inch and larger versions. Otherwise it's the same, complete with best-in-class input features, including VRR and 4K/120Hz capability.

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LG did not announce pricing for any of its 2022 TVs yet, leaving people like me to speculate freely. The 88-inch 8K model sells for about $30,000 now, so I'd expect the 97-inch version to cost at least $40,000 despite its lower resolution. The 48-inch is currently selling for $1,100, so I expect 2022 holiday pricing for the 42-incher to be about $1,000.

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