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TCL goes bigger with 98-inch QLED TV for less than $8,000 at CES 2022

The company's "XL Collection" is quickly approaching XXL.

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Eli Blumenthal
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TCL  went big in 2021 with its XL Collection of 85-inch Roku TVs. At CES 2022 the company upped the size ante again, introducing a new 98-inch television running Google TV software. 

That choice of  Google's  platform makes the new QLED TV, which has the product name of 98R754, a departure from previous XL Collections TVs that are powered by Roku's software. TCL says the jumbo 4K television is available now at "popular retailers" such as Amazon and will start at "under $8,000."


TCL's new 98-inch Google TV. 


While a high price, for the screen size it may actually be comparatively affordable. As CNET TV expert David Katzmaier notes, Samsung's rival QN90A comes in at 98 inches for $15,000. That said, those who want the biggest picture possible will likely be better off springing for a projector that can display an image that dwarfs even the 98 inches this TV offers at a significantly lower price. Our favorite projector for the money costs $700.

As for ports and features, beyond running Google's software the new QLED set will pack four HDMI ports, two of which support 4K at 120Hz (though only one of these works with eARC/ARC for connecting to a soundbar or AV unit). There are also two 5V USB-A ports as well as a cable/antenna coax slot, Ethernet port and connections for AV in, headphones and optical audio. 

Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos are both supported, as are features like variable refresh rate and auto game mode. 

TCL's new ultra-thin 85-inch TVs, also announced Tuesday, offer a mini-LED backlight in a smaller size, but will likely cost a lot more.