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The breadth of flexibility in modern supercars is staggering. A 710-horsepower Ferrari F8 Spider will make you laugh maniacally when you launch it and rip your face off with its cornering force. But it'll also run errands with the docility of a Honda Accord. A very loud, very flashy Honda Accord.

Every new Ferrari has to be engineered to lap the hell out of Fiorano or Monza, even if most will never even see so much as the parking lot of a race circuit. That makes a car like the F8 Spider surprisingly easy to live with and enjoy every day -- especially on a warm summer afternoon in Southern California. But make no mistake, that doesn't mean it's any less thrilling. 

You've already met the F8 Tributo, the very worthy successor to the incredible Ferrari 488. The F8 packs more power, its interior is more luxurious and its exterior design makes a stronger statement -- for better or worse. I'll be honest, my personal descriptors of this car's styling aren't exactly positive -- "a little much" is what's written down in my notebook -- but it certainly wouldn't be a Ferrari if it didn't turn heads. I can't think of another car that nearly caused so many gawking-induced wrecks over the course of 24 hours.

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