CES 2017 products that you can actually buy this year

Rafts of new tech are shown off at CES each year, but not all of them will hit the shelves any time soon. We take a look at what you'll be able to buy this year.

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The giant Vegas-based tech show CES sees the launch of boat-loads of new gadgets from almost every manufacturer on the planet. Not all of them are going to hit the shelves any time soon, though -- and many are simply concepts that may never go on sale at all.

And this selection of the latest launches will actually be available to buy in 2017.

First up is the Kuri robot nanny from Mayfield Robotics. This happy little robot roams your house, acting as a home security device, allowing you to keep an eye on your children or pets remotely. It's due to go on sale this year for around $700.

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Lenovo is refreshing its gaming lineup with the Legion Y720 gaming laptop. Packed with high-end graphics processors, this 17-inch, VR-ready laptop starts at $1,399 or AU$2,699 (around £1,145).

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Or if you've got a lot more money to burn, Acer's gigantic 21-inch curved-screen Predator 21 X laptop will go on sale this year for the cool price of $8,999. That's about £8,520 or AU$14,540 when you convert the 9,999 euro price.

4 of 27 Asus

Asus' latest ROG GT51CH gaming desktop is a 50-pound (22kg) monster, packed with the latest gaming components. It'll handle VR without breaking a sweat and should make those grizzly headshots stand out with stomach-churning clarity.

Prices aren't final yet, but it's set to be on sale this year in the US first.

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Sick of shivering under a cold shower, fiddling with the knobs until it starts to heat up? Moen's new smart shower lets you use an app to set the perfect temperature and shower duration in advance.

It'll start shipping on March 1, beginning at $1,160, which converts to £950 and AU$1,600.

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Dell's Inspiron 15 7000 is aimed at the budget-conscious gamer, packing a reasonable set of internal specs, an aggressive design and a price tag starting at a modest $799 (£644 or AU$1,100).

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The Lenovo Miix 720 combines a 12-inch Windows 10 tablet with a keyboard dock, much like Microsoft's Surface Pro series. You can configure it to include up to a seventh-generation Core i7 processor, it has a stylus for sketching rude pictures when you're bored and starts at $999 or AU$1,399 (approximately £800), which includes the keyboard dock.

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Lenovo's Smart Assistant is much the same as Amazon's Echo -- it's a smart speaker, with Amazon's Alexa assistant built in. Lenovo's however uses Harmon Kardon speakers for bigger, better audio quality.

"Alexa, turn up the beats!"

Available for $179 (£145 or AU$195) in May.

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The Kingston DataTraveler Ultimate GT flash drive packs a whopping 2TB of storage, making it currently the world's largest capacity flash drive. There's no price on this metal-bodied marvel but it's going on sale later this month.

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Lego Boost turns your regular Lego blocks into a variety of programmable robots using various sensors and motors. The $160 set initially teaches you how to make a walking cat, a guitar and a car, but the kit encourages you to create any moving creation you want.

11 of 27 Josh Miller

The Kerastase Hair Coach hairbrush is apparently the world's first smart brush, that supposedly advises you on correct hair care while you brush. Finally, technology is being put to real use.

12 of 27 Earin

The Earin M-2 are wireless in-ear headphones, dubbed "the smallest and lightest available on the market."

They have three hours of music playback, come with a charging case and are scheduled to ship in late March. Pricing is yet to be announced.

13 of 27 Josh Miller

Want to print your own Post-Its for more creative passive-aggressive notes to your flatmates? Of course you do!

The Mangoslab Nemonic printer lets you print out black and white messages or photos onto sticky notes in just five seconds to stick all over your kitchen. It's due to go on sale in June for around $120.

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The Asus VivoPC X is a fully-fledged desktop gaming PC that's VR-ready and smaller than some game consoles. The days of making room on your desk for those goliath towers are gone.

Available later this year for a reasonable $799. That's roughly £650 or AU$1,100.

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This compact laser projector is designed for your backyard movies. LG says the ProBeam HF80J is the brightest laser projector around, although we'll reserve judgement on its image quality for when we test it with a screening of "Homeward Bound II: Lost in San Francisco" later this year.

Pricing is yet to be announced.

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The Aristotle, by toymaker Mattel, sounds like a parent's dream. It's an Amazon Alexa voice assistant and a smart baby monitor that sends a video feed to your phone, automatically orders baby supplies, plays learning games with your child, reads stories, brings toys to life with sound effects and (Mattel claims) much much more.

Available in the US this June for $300, which is roughly £245 or AU$415.

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At 3.85mm thick, LG's W7 OLED TV should really be categorised as a poster, rather than a TV. This super-skinny telly can stick to your wall with magnets, amazing anyone who comes into your living room.

You'll have to pay somewhere around $10,000 for the privilege though when it goes on sale in March.

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Huawei's Mate 9 was actually unveiled last year -- and I've already given it the full review treatment -- but Huawei announced at CES that the phone will make its way to US shelves.

It'll also come enabled with Amazon's Alexa voice assistant, making it the first phone to include the feature. Fancy!

It'll be on sale from January 6 and will cost $600.

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Samsung has taken its first steps into the gaming laptop arena with the launch of its new Odyssey line. The laptops boast black or white designs, full HD displays and a rather standard lineup of internal gaming specs that should let you tackle titles like Skyrim without any trouble.

There's no word on prices yet, but the Odyssey laptops are due to go on sale towards the middle of 2017.

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Sony's A1E will be the first OLED TV the company will sell in the US. This skinny beast will cost somewhere around $3,000 and will feature Google Home and a speaker that's built into the display itself in order to do away with unsightly bezels.

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With the Zenbook 3 Deluxe, Asus has crammed a 14-inch screen into the same size body that would normally house a 13-inch screen, giving you more display without forcing you to haul a chunky, heavy laptop around.

It looks great wrapped in all metal and it's got the latest Intel chips inside to help plough through all your busy work.

The ZenBook 3 Deluxe will be available May 2017 for $1,699, which roughly converts to £1,380 or AU$2,330.

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We're excited about the Asus Zenfone 3 zoom for two reasons: It's got a fancy dual camera on the back for zooming into shots, and it's got a whopping 5,000-mAh battery.

Finally we might have a phone that doesn't force us to carry an external battery pack around all day long.

It's going on sale in February although prices aren't yet known.

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Thought wearables were a fad of last year? Think again.

Garmin has three new smart watches for this year's CES -- the Fenix 5, 5S and 5X. All three track your steps, heart rate and location using GPS and all are waterproof and boast multiple-day battery life.

The different models refer to different sizes, so those of you with more slender wrists won't be forced to strap on a bulky watch when working out.

Both the Fenix 5 and 5S will be available by March for $600 (£550, AU$950), while the 5X will cost $700 (£650, AU$1,050).

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The AKG N60 headphones are hitting shelves in April. They'll offer Bluetooth connectivity, active sound cancelling and, best of all, a comfortable fit.

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Nobody really needs an 8K-resolution monitor, but that hasn't stopped Dell making one. The UP3218K measures 31.5-inches on the diagonal and packs in more pixels than we thought possible. Naturally, it comes with a sky-high price tag of $5,000.

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You'll need a sturdy bag to carry round all your new shiny gadgets and the Arcus backpack by Moshi might be just the thing. It has crush-resistant compartments for a variety of items, including your camera, so urban shutterbugs are well catered for. It's available now for $230, which converts to about £185 or AU$315.

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The Dell Canvas is a 27-inch graphics tablet that lets you sketch and draw using a stylus and control knob. It's similar to Microsoft's Studio, but the Canvas isn't a standalone computer like the Studio -- it's designed as a peripheral that you'll use with your existing PC.

There's no price yet but Dell expects it to go on sale in March.

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