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Welcome your new robot overlords with this terrifying gaming PC

The Asus ROG GT51CH is a shrine to human subjugation. Or something.


You know that moment where the giant evil robot dragon opens up its gigantic jagged metal mouth -- only to reveal a death ray powerful enough to subjugate the planet?

Well, Asus has captured that moment at CES 2017 in the form of a new gaming PC. It's called the Asus ROG GT51CH, because Asus is bad at names. Point is, you can soon own a desktop computer that bears a striking resemblance to an Evangelion. Or Bahamut . Or a Reaper.

Separated at birth?

Inside the 50-pound (that's not a typo. It weighs 22 kilograms) frame, you'll find Intel's new Core i7-7700K processor, a GeForce GTX 1070 graphics card, 8GB of DDR4 memory, a 256GB solid state drive, a DVD burner and 802.11ac Wi-Fi. You can get plenty more power if you pay -- the system tops out at twin GTX 1080 graphics cards paired together in SLI, 64GB of memory, a 3TB hard drive and a pair of 512GB PCIe solid state drives paired in RAID 0 for even more speed.

Inside, it's a fairly standard giant PC case, with loads of space for full-size hard drives. And a slant, because slants are the in-thing.


There's also fully customizable lighting on the motherboard and around the system's central air intake up front -- which means yes, the robot dragon can emit a blue death ray if that's how you'd prefer to be obliterated.

The Asus ROG GT51CH should be available this summer. Asus won't say how much you'll pay just yet.