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Zombie flamingos haunt your yard

Fortunately for us all, zombies are still solidly in the realm of fiction. But don't let that stop you from decorating your home with reanimated corpses.

Turn your yard into a post-apocalyptic wasteland with a pair of zombie flamingos. These plastic lawn ornaments are hungry for brains. Let their decaying paint job and red eyes be a warning to all other lawn ornaments. They're not just for Halloween. These monsters deserve to watch over your rose bushes all year long.

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Coffee from a zombie's head

Make every cup of coffee a harrowing experience fraught with peril when you use the Slow Joe Zombie Mug. The disgustingly realistic paint job over stoneware will make your stomach flip. You will never have to worry about someone sipping out of your cup. Nobody else will want to touch this hideous phantasm.

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Lick a zombie

Lollipops are usually fun, brightly colored and delightful sweet treats with joyous fruit flavors. Unless they're zombie-head lollipops from Etsy seller Liq NYC. The creepy effect is achieved through printing the zombie heads on sugar paper and then embedding them inside the candy. They are available in cotton candy or cherry flavors.

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Take a zombie-selfie

Of all the weird selfie accessories ever invented, the Zelfie might be one of the oddest. It's a fake zombie hand selfie-stick attachment that makes it look like the subject of the photo is under attack. Somehow, it failed to make its funding goal as a Kickstarter project last year. You will just have to find some real zombies, or at least a patient friend with stage makeup, if you want a good zombie-selfie.

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Anti-zombie multitool

Multitools are wondrous devices that help us open boxes, tighten screws and file our nails. The Lil Trucker multitool has some more sinister tasks in mind. It's designed for the zombie apocalypse and includes a hatchet blade, can opener, hammer, glass breaker and folding saw. It's also massive, coming in at nearly a foot in length. You'll definitely want to have one when the living-dead outbreak begins.

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Zombie garden gnomes

Garden gnomes are usually cheerful little bearded fellows who just enjoy hanging out in your yard looking friendly. Until they get bit. Then they turn into these flesh-eating zombie garden gnomes that will turn on your other lawn ornaments. At least they're small, so tall boots should provide a measure of protection when you're out weeding the flower beds.

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Zombie-fighting Swiss Army Knife

Take a look at this photo. It looks like a Swiss Army Knife, right? Did you notice the tiny wall outlet in the upper right-hand corner? That puts it into perspective. This is a massive anti-zombie Swiss Army Knife that incorporates an ax, an auger, a pipe wrench and a full-size machete. It's not practical in the least, but it sure is fun to look at.

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Zombie rock-pocalypse

Even the undead apocalypse needs a soundtrack. This zombie-themed guitar from instrument hacker Travis Stevens looks like it's meant for a cross between Rick Grimes from "The Walking Dead" and James Hetfield from Metallica. It's decorated with bullet casings, a fake grenade and splashes of blood. Plus, you could use it as an anti-zombie weapon should the living dead show up at your next gig.

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