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Zombie flamingos turn your lawn into a yardpocalypse

Meet the undead plastic flamingos that will eat your neighbor's lawn gnomes alive.

These bird brains would like to eat brains. ThinkGeek

You might think a pair of plastic zombie flamingos would be for Halloween use only. You would be wrong.

You can't restrict lawn ornaments like this to a single fleeting season. These crazed, undead birds deserve to haunt your garden year-round, their red, burning eyes daring dogs to come piddle on your grass.

While most people are busy worrying about their neighbors, friends, family and strangers turning into flesh-hungry zombies, the real threat could come from zoo animals.

Flamingos seem like such nice birds. They're so graceful and pretty in pink. Until they turn. Then they sprout fanged teeth and their Hello Kitty color scheme transforms into the inky dark black of night.

These harbingers of doom appeared on ThinkGeek in time for Halloween for $19.99 (about £13, AU$28). ThinkGeek relays this story from the US company that makes the birds: "We were stocking our warehouse when one of our original Featherstone pink flamingos was bit by a sickly warehouse pigeon." The result is the stuff of nightmares.

Union Products is the company that famously makes the pink plastic yard flamingos you see everywhere (also the maker of about a million creepy light-up plastic Santa Claus figures). The harmless pink versions are the ultimate expression of lawn kitsch, so that makes the zombie models the ultimate expression of lawn horror kitsch.

Now all you need is a set of zombie garden gnomes to make the undead takeover of your yard complete. Good luck surviving the Armageddon of animated lawn-ornament corpses.

(Via Nerd Approved)