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Zombie Gnomes: Apocalypse in your garden

The infection has hit the residents of the rose garden. Zombie garden gnomes now roam the rows, feasting on each other's entrails.

Garden gnomes eat flamingo
Zombie Gnomes have been known to viciously turn on other lawn ornaments.
Chris Stever & Jane DeRosa

If you're anything like me, you've thought about the zombie apocalypse. You've wondered how long your canned goods will hold out and if you'll be able to fortify the windows against the onslaught of zombified neighbors.

What you might not have considered is that the zombie apocalypse could start right in your own patch of rosemary. You won't know the true meaning of terror until you feel that nip at your ankle and see your once-quaint garden gnome now thirsting for your blood.

California artists Chris Stever and Jane DeRosa have created a series of zombie garden gnomes, both the infected and the survivors. The figures range from Patient Zero with his half-melted face to Doomsday Dan, a survivor who believes this plague is the wrath of god.

The gnomes range from $21 for a single gnome up to $55 for a collection of characters. The masterpiece of the bunch is Bye Bye Birdie, a ghastly scene of three zombie gnomes chowing down on the guts of a pink lawn flamingo.

I would recommend picking up at least one shotgun-toting gnome survivor to keep the Zombie Gnomes in check. Also, be sure to wear tall boots before you go out to pull weeds.