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Zombie-head lollipops let you lick your fear

With Halloween coming up, these creepy lollipops being sold on Etsy make great treats -- or tricks.

Look delicious, don't they? LIQNYC

Along with ice cream cones and cotton candy, lollipops are among the most innocent-sounding treats around. But a line of lollies from Etsy-based retailer LiqNyc is anything but. Embedded within their sugary depths are grotesque images of zombie heads -- just the thing you want to pop into your mouth when you're craving something sweet, eh?

If the zombie heads aren't exactly to your taste, you could also go with the eyeball or spider hard-candy lollipops or the skull white-chocolate pops. Or you could pair a zombie sucker with some other gory treat -- a chocolate cranium, perhaps, or a deadly .

It would be tempting to give the zombie pops as a fun trick when the kiddies come knocking at your door this Halloween, but the price might deter you. A pack of 12 zombie or eyeball pops will set you back a whopping $29 (about £19, AU$40), while you can get a six-pack of the spider lollies for $15.50 (about £10, AU$21).

Still, if you're having a Halloween party or there are kids in the neighborhood you're particularly fond of (or aren't, depending on your sense of humor), these are sure to be a big hit.

In addition to creepy pops, LiqNyc offers a selection of geeky lollies including outer-space pops, neuroscience pops, supernova pops, and vintage Batman and comic strip pops.

LiqNyc owner Naressa Larosa told CNET's Crave blog that to make the lollipops, the images are first printed on sugar paper and then embedded in the candy. While LyqNcy is exclusively an Etsy store, the candy is made in a commercial kitchen in Brooklyn. The images for all of the lollies described above come from other Etsy members.

"I love horror," Larosa said of her ghoulish line of candies. "I am a huge 'Nightmare on Elm Street' fan and absolutely obsessed with the 'Walking Dead' series, which is where I got my inspiration for the zombie pops. I also love the old-school Batman series where they showed the 'pows' and 'booms.'"

In addition to horror, Larosa says she "loves all things geek," and that there are more geeky treats in store for the holidays. All candy made by LiqNyc can be shipped worldwide.