Survive zombie armageddon with the Lil Trucker multitool

General-purpose multitools are so dull. Why not get yourself a multitool designed to help you through the zombie-laden End of Days?

Amanda Kooser
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Amanda Kooser
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Lil Trucker multitool
Zombies don't stand a chance against the Lil Trucker. Innovation Factory

The recipe for Kickstarter success may seem elusive, but tool company Innovation Factory hit on a winning formula with the Lil Trucker multitool. Don't let the name lead you astray into thinking it's designed for 18-wheeler drivers: this little beast is made to be your best buddy in case the zombie apocalypse breaks out. Pointy things + zombies = project funded.

Rick Grimes would love to have something like this bad boy by his side on "The Walking Dead." It boasts a can opener, strap cutter, hatchet blade, wedge, pry, hammer, nail puller, glass breaker, folding saw, hex wrench, gas valve wrench, hook and wire twist. It's not so little after all. The tool is nearly a foot in length.

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According to the description, the Lil Trucker is made from carbon steel and the saw blade is replaceable. That will come in handy when you have to build your own anti-zombie fort as a safe haven from the shuffling hoards of the undead. Of course, the tool may also appeal to campers, travelers and regular survivalists who aren't worried about reanimated corpses.

The Kickstarter sales pitch video is in the form a zombie-survival short, making it one of the more entertaining crowdfunding films in memory. The Lil Trucker passed its original $25,000 goal and is now up over $58,000 with 22 days left to run. The multitool will cost you a $69 pledge (about £45 or AU$85 -- it's supposed to ship internationally).

Those of us who watch too many zombie movies and TV shows always have it in the back of our heads how we might go about surviving an onslaught of mindless brain-craving corpses. We imagine fortifying our houses and where we would go to raid supplies. If this Kickstarter pays off, the Lil Trucker might just give us a little peace of mind. Just in case.

Lil Trucker as a hammer
The Lil Trucker can help you warn away the living. Innovation Factory