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Jabba the lawn ornament

Your garden is your sanctuary, so you might as well decorate it with all the things you love when you're inside the home: Star Wars, Star Trek, zombies, the Iron Throne and cryptozoological creations.

At last the tables are turned and you can tell Jabba the Hutt what to do. This massive inflatable Jabba brings the Star Wars villain to your lawn. You'll need to brush up on your Huttese to communicate. The big guy will certainly make a statement. It sits at a substantial 6 feet (1.8 meters) in height and 10 feet (3 meters) in length. It lights up inside for night viewing and, best of all, you won't have to be frozen in carbonite or wear a skimpy outfit to enjoy his company.

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Yard droid

If your inflatable Jabba the Hutt isn't enough to Star Wars-ify your garden, then you'll want to add this R2-D2 lawn ornament into the mix. It's always good to have a balance between good and evil. The lovable droid is made from resin finished to look like concrete.

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Zombie garden gnomes

Look upon this scene of horror and be grateful you're not stuck in an episode of "The Walking Dead." Two artists created this gross vision of what would happen if garden gnomes could be infected by a zombie virus. These pitiless creatures attacked and ate a pink flamingo. No lawn ornament is safe.

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Iron Throne from a lawn chair

Take your "Game of Thrones" cred outside with this DIY Iron Throne crafted from a plastic lawn chair. It's a cheap way to get the look without actually having to mow down your foes, collect their swords and forge them into a really uncomfortable chair. Now you just need to design a matching patio table.

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Fallen AT-AT

Turn your yard into a galaxy far, far away with an AT-AT lawn ornament. The resin statue depicts the walking war machine after it has fallen on its face during the Battle of Hoth from "The Empire Strikes Back." This should also offer endless hours of outdoor play with your Star Wars action figures, assuming you've actually unboxed them.

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Farewell, Red Shirt Gnome

Star Trek is not always kind to characters wearing red shirts. These disposable Federation members tend to get the brunt of the casualty action on the show. This supine red-shirt garden gnome is an homage to the fate of some of those departed crew members. It's inscribed with "Join Starfleet they said. It'd be fun they said."

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The human-hunting Gorn alien from the original Star Trek series never looked so cute as it does in garden-gnome form. Here, it stands over Captain Kirk, who is no doubt thinking about how to make gunpowder right at this moment. The small yard statue features the Gorn quote: "I shall be merciful, and quick."

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Bitey birds

Everybody is familiar with the iconic plastic pink flamingo, the gold standard for kitschy lawn decor. Now imagine what would happen to those flamingos in case of a "Walking Dead"-style zombie outbreak. They would end up looking a lot like these zombie flamingos with vicious red eyes, black feather and streaking blue veins. They will send your garden gnomes running for safety.

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Backyard Bigfoot

The now-defunct SkyMall catalog was a weird window into a world of strange products available to flyers as they sat in airplanes with nothing better to do than shop. This giant yard statue of Bigfoot once graced the pages of the catalog, though there's no telling how many travelers thought buying one would be a good idea.

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Wear your garden

You may be familiar with chia pets, little clay creatures designed to grow small green chia-seed gardens on their surfaces. Now meet the chia vest, a wearable muslin hoodie with live chia plants growing from it. This might be stretching the definition of garden decor, but think of it as wearable plant art. It would look great while you're out weeding around your zombie flamingos.

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