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Let R2-D2 patrol your garden in lawn-ornament form

The Star Wars universe can be as close as your lawn when you install a famous droid as a garden sentinel.

Where's C-3PO?

Some people have garden gnomes. Some people have butt-shaped wood cutouts. Some people have pink flamingos. And some really cool people have droids. A very detailed R2-D2 lawn ornament from ThinkGeek is ready to assist you with piloting your X-wing fighter of a garden. Beeps, boops and whistles not included.

The statue has a concrete look to it, but it's actually made from resin. It stands a decent 17.5 inches in height and weighs over six pounds, so it's pretty substantial for a lawn ornament. ThinkGeek understands that such an attractive statue might attract covetous attention, so the retailer suggests putting it someplace where people won't steal it. If that someplace happens to be your living room or work desk, so be it.

The lawn ornament costs $69.99 and is equally at home indoors or outdoors. It only ships to the US and Canada, so Star Wars fans located elsewhere will just have to pine for the droid from a distance or send a bounty hunter to go pick one up.