'Star Trek' garden gnomes: Where no lawn ornament has gone before

Turn your garden into the Federation of Plants with Kirk, Spock, Gorn and redshirt gnome statues.

Redshirt gnome
The way of all redshirts. ThinkGeek

Geeks have elevated the art of unnecessary lawn ornaments over recent years, generating everything from flesh-hungry zombie gnomes to garden-dwelling AT-ATs. "Star Trek"-loving gardeners can now get their fix with a set of sci-fi gnomes from ThinkGeek.

A Captain Kirk gnome wields a phaser and a no-nonsense look on his bearded face. His matching hat is in command-yellow, as befits his position as leader of the Gnome-Enterprise. Commander Spock is dressed in blue and gives the Vulcan salute with the phrase "Live long and prosper" on its statue base.

Kirk and Spock are both standard fare as far as geeky gnomes go. It gets more interesting when we move along to the redshirt gnome. The unfortunate ornament is expired, lying on his side with crossed-out eyes, embracing the fate of all redshirts. It reads, "Join Starfleet they said. It'd be fun they said."

The final piece is a Gorn-gnome and Kirk-gnome set playing out a scene from the 1967 episode "Arena." Kirk is on the ground while a version of the Gorn stands over him, threatening to take him out. This is pretty dramatic stuff when it comes to garden decor.

The gnomes are made from cast polyresin and cost $24.99 (about £16, AU$32) each. The gnomes are around 9 inches tall. That's big enough to make an impression during your next garden party.

Gorn and Kirk garden gnomes
Quick, Captain, make some gunpowder! ThinkGeek