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Make this massive Jabba the Hutt inflatable your lawn slave

Prepare for the new Star Wars movie by installing a fat inflatable Jabba the Hutt in front of your house.

This Jabba will do what you tell it to. ThinkGeek

It's time to turn the tables. Jabba the Hutt is a brute. He kept Han Solo in a frozen carbonite slab and made Princess Leia wear the silliest skimpy slave outfit in the history of the galaxy. Now it's your turn to push the big slob around when you buy a honkin' huge Jabba the Hutt inflatable designed to decorate your front yard.

The inflatable has a built-in blower fan to pump the alien up to a towering 6 feet (1.8 meters) in height and 10 feet (3 meters) in length. It's smaller than life-size, but it's still impressive, especially compared with your puny Jabba the Hutt action figure.

The massive lawn ornament lights up to share its inner glow at night. It's made from polyester and is, unfortunately, "not intended for permanent installation or year-round use."

Here's hoping somebody buys one of these and decks it out in a custom Slave Leia outfit complete with gold bikini. Fair's fair.

The big air-filled Jabba is just one item amid an onslaught of Star Wars toys and merchandise ahead of the debut of "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" in theaters on December 18. The true tidal wave began on Force Friday on September 4, but more products continue to trickle out, like this huggable plus BB-8 droid.

The giant Jabba is selling for $169.99 (about £112, AU$242) from ThinkGeek. That's pricey, but we're talking about a show-stopping piece of memorabilia that will also haunt the nightmares of any impressionable young children who come by on Halloween. You may have to chase Star Wars cosplayers off your lawn, but it will be worth it.