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Act now to get these unbeatable deals on the P40 Pro in the UK

Smartphone photography lovers can now get the P40 Pro at $30 off with the promo code AFANP40PRO and exclusive gifts worth $235

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In this long and unexpected social distancing period, most people are doing their best to stay home with their families. Even if that means you are busy working from home, you still get to spend much more time with family members than usual.

More time spent together means more golden moments and more shared memories to look back on. And that means more opportunity to take photos or videos for posterity. And the device we always turn to first to capture those images is the smartphone.

Already your most intimate daily companion, our smartphones are now undertaking more duties: finishing work online, playing phone games, watching videos, and so much more.

With its revolutionary combination of camera lenses and its stunning photography features, the brand-new visionary HUAWEI P40 series is a perfect upgrade.

And right now, is the perfect time to buy the stunning P40 Pro. If you purchase a P40 Pro before 10 June, you will qualify to join the Mate 30 Pro giveaway. Plus, when you use the promo code AFANP40PRO, you'll get an extra $30 off.

Huawei Freebuds 3 earphones

With active noise cancellation, the Freebuds 3 adapt to your inner ear to rest softly and comfortably. You can wear them all day and relax without the extra noise from the environment.

Huawei Wireless Charger

The 15 W quick charger has in-built technology to identify smartphones, earbuds, and other devices to adjust the output power accordingly.

PU case

You get a classic brand-marked microfibre leather-textured case that not only offers a sure grip, but also prevents fingerprints, and covers the corners to protect from falls and bumps.

This flagship photographic smartphone also enjoys an extra $30 off right now, plus a special $235-value gift pack that includes three excellent official accessories: 

  1. A pair of noise-cancelling open-fit Huawei Freebuds 3 earphones
  2. Super-fast wireless charging pad, and
  3. A classy PU case.
The Huawei P40 Pro

The offer starts from 20 May, 2020 and ends on 10 June, 2020. Grab the chance to buy this visionary flagship at $899.9 with a premium accessory bundle.

Find all the details onhow to buy

More about P40 Pro

Nominated as the Best Photo Smartphone by TIPA WORLD AWARDS, the P40 Pro records every great moment of yours with its magnificent camera lenses.

More specifications and product introductions:

  • 50 MP Ultra Vision Camera: 1/1.28 inch Ultra Vision Sensor. RYYB colour filter array. Octa PD Autofocus. Take in massive light and detail for super clarity
  • 100x SuperZoom Array: 10x Optical  Telephoto Camera (8MP, 240 mm)2. 3x Optical Telephoto Camera (8MP, 80 mm). 20x Hybrid Zoom3 and 100x Max Zoom. Meet the unexpected surprises
  • 40 MP Ultra Wide Cine Camera: 1/1.54 inch sensor. Ultra low-light video and ultra slow-motion video. Telephoto video and 4K. time lapse video. Cinematic video camera with multiple features
  • 3D Depth Sending Camera: Real-time depth detection. Create professional-level bokeh effects

The P40 Pro features an upgraded high-definition 32-megapixel front camera with auto-focus and an IR depth camera that work closely together to produce gorgeous selfies with natural bokeh effects. 

The intelligent optimisation on lighting, skin colour and texture details is more accurate and personal to make you love taking selfies.

The immersive gaming experience

The immersive gaming experience

SuperZoom Array takes zoom to the absolute limit with 100x maximum digital zoom (HUAWEI P40 Pro+)

The multi-prism periscope lens inside the HUAWEI P40 Pro+ uses stunningly engineered prism lenses to reflect light twice in order to achieve the high zoom magnification in an amazingly small 1cm lens unit.

HUAWEI P40 Pro+ supports 10x optical zoom, 20x hybrid zoom and 100x maximum zoom, delivering a ground-breaking zoom photography experience.

It lends itself to a wide range of scenarios. Want to capture the moment a sprinter crosses the finish line? The moment a footballer crushes the ball into the back of the net? Or enjoy a front-row experience at a concert from the cheap seats? The choice is yours.

ID concept: Art of Motion

The HUAWEI P Series has long been the pinnacle of Huawei handset design and plays an important role in modern artistic development, representing the union of technology and art.


Like previous HUAWEI P Series handsets, the HUAWEI P40 Series has a unique, delicate and elegant style, which inspires the future and empowers creativity.

A smartphone is so much more than just a communication device. It serves as a symbol that extends and becomes the expression of someone's character. 

The HUAWEI P40 Series is designed to be a trend-setting device that sparks imagination and helps owners to showcase their individual personalities.