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YouTube video takedowns of harmful content haven't hurt revenue

Alphabet CFO Ruth Porat says the company's doing just fine.

YouTube app on an iPhone

YouTube has been more vigilant about harmful content on its platform. 

James Martin/CNET

YouTube has been on a crusade to remove harmful content from its platform. Fewer videos, however, haven't resulted in lower revenue. 

That's according to Alphabet Chief Financial Officer Ruth Porat, who spoke on a conference call with analysts following the company's release of its second-quarter earnings results

YouTube, the video arm of Google, which itself is owned by Alphabet, is under intense scrutiny for hosting videos that feature offensive content or misleading information. The company has vowed to be more vigilant in clamping down on that material, conscious of the fact that there are roughly 2 billion users on YouTube each month. 

It appears that the tactic to remove the videos hasn't hurt its revenue, Porat said, noting that YouTube is the second largest driver of revenue growth.