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YouTube adds live streaming to iOS app

Now you can watch live feeds of news, sports, concerts, and more, right on your iPhone or iPad.

Now you can watch YouTube's live-streaming content on your iOS device.
Now you can watch YouTube's live-streaming content on your iOS device. Screenshot by Rick Broida/CNET

If you were hoping to watch last weekend's Coachella concert on your iDevice, you just missed your chance: although the event was streamed live on YouTube for free, the iOS YouTube app doesn't support live streaming.

It does now. (Cruel timing, Google!) YouTube 1.3 for iOS, released today, adds a handful of new features and fixes, not the least of which is access to live streams.

For those unaware, YouTube offers a variety of live content, everything from concerts (natch) to news and sports.

The iOS streaming feature joins a "Send to TV" option introduced back in February, which ostensibly would let you watch YouTube-hosted live events on your big screen. What's more, the app now lets you queue up videos expressly for TV viewing.

Also new in this update: quick access to new uploads via the My Subscriptions feed on the Guide, and "One Channel branding for video creator channels."

What are your thoughts on live-streaming from YouTube via your iPhone, iPod, or iPad? Think it's something you'll check out, especially when a high-profile concert is in the offing?