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Yahoo buys Meedio

Yahoo buys Meedio

We've been playing around with some of the popular Media Center alternatives lately, putting together a roundup of software suites like BeyondTV and SageTV. One company we didn't have any luck contacting was Meedio, which made the Meedio TV app for recording content via a TV tuner card in your PC.

Turns out the guys at Meedio were pretty busy--they just sold their company to Yahoo. Much like Konfabulator before them, Meedio's technology will now be used to create Yahoo-branded products in the great Web 2.0 race. Interestingly, Yahoo is buying only the company's technology and human know-how. The actual Meedio products (Meedio TV, Meedio Essentials, and so on) will be discontinued. Current users will receive EPG updates until July 1, and support for the company's products is ending immediately.