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Wii details September 14?

Wii details September 14?

Nintendo has announced two new games at the Leipzig Games Convention. The GameCube titles Super Mario Strikers and Battalion Wars will get Wii-quels that make use of the system's nifty nunchuck remote. Soccer- and war-obsessed Nintendo fans will likely be pleased by these new titles.

Unfortunately, that's about all Nintendo has announced on the Wii. The company still hasn't released any information about the system's pricing or launch date. That information's coming up soon, and we're pretty sure where and when.

Nintendo is hosting a Wii presentation in New York on September 14, led by NoA's Reggie Fils-Aime. This huge Wii demo will probably include Reggie giving the elusive answers to such questions as "when?" and "how much?" Nintendo might not be saying much in Germany, but we're hoping it'll spill the beans once it hits New York.