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Why work at a desk?

Why work at a desk?

We've talked here about smart phones and other solutions for working remotely, but perhaps the most useful kind of remote access you can have is to get the access to the computer that's nearest and dearest to your heart from any other device and have it emulate the features you most love on that PC.

I learned today, from a company with about 20 employees, of a solution for people who have Microsoft's XP Professional operating system on their PCs: Remote Desktop. The nice thing is that you can connect to the computer--and apparently a host--from not only a laptop or a desktop, but also from a Pocket PC (a handheld device with Microsoft's made-for-handheld operating system) or a smart phone. The downside is that you, apparently, must have XP.

CNET's Robert Vamosi did a nice job of reviewing some of the other solutions, as well.