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Why I don't use the iPod

Why I don't use the iPod

Now don't hit Send on that hate mail just yet. I'm not saying that I don't like the iPod, I just don't use one. This may come as even more of a surprise when you learn that I own an Apple computer and absolutely love it. And I think the iTunes/iPod combo provides a pretty much unbeatable user experience. So why, then, do I choose to forgo the iPod in favor of the Creative Zen Micro, despite the fact that I can only sync it at work with my Windows PC? Allow me to explain my iPod issues:

  • No FM radio: OK, so the FM stations in the Bay Area are, well, not great, but for some reason I just cannot live without this option. And until MP3 players start building in satellite receivers, FM is the only music-heavy radio I can get as part of the whole package.
  • No support for subscription music services: I've always had a problem finding the time to create quality playlists, and these new subscription services (notably, Napster To Go) provide preprogrammed content, so I can just throw it on my player and go. Not only that, I can check out all the new music I like without paying for individual tracks. I'm totally addicted.
  • Personal interface issues: What can I say? Maybe I'm just not as dexterous as I'd like to believe, but I experienced accuracy issues with the Click Wheel when I tried out the iPod for a few weeks. For example, when I would try to fast-forward through part of a song, it would activate the menu function and take me back one step instead. Am I alone here?
So that's it. Those are my reasons, and I'm sticking to them. But I'll tell you one thing: the minute Apple offers a color-screen iPod Mini with built-in satellite radio and support for the company's new iTunes To Go service (pure speculation), I'll be the first to hop on the bandwagon, interface issues or not.