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What iPhone apps do you prize the most?

If you could have just five third-party apps on your iPhone or iPod Touch, what would they be? (Don't ask me why you're limited to five--it's a game! We're just having fun.)

Don't take away my Kindle app! E-books will help me pass the time till I'm rescued.

You know the old get-to-know-you quiz about the desert island? What books would you bring? What movies? What foods?

Let's play the app version! If you were stranded on a desert island and could have only five iPhone apps (other than those already built in, of course), what would they be? Here's my list:

  1. Kindle: An e-book reader is a must, and while I also use eReader and Stanza, I like being able to grab sample chapters from the Kindle Store before deciding what books to buy. (The books themselves are too expensive, but my island-living expenses are almost nil.)
  2. AccuWeather: This island has Wi-Fi, thank goodness, and it would be helpful to know when the monsoons were about to hit. (Actually, if there's a better weather app, name it. AccuWeather seems to crash a lot, and I haven't found it terribly accu-rate.)
  3. HazelMail Postcards: This clever app turns your iPhone snapshots into actual postcards that get mailed to friends and family, complete with any message you care to tap out. "Having a great time, sick of coconuts."
  4. Navigon MobileNavigator: Not the best GPS solution I've ever used, but it definitely gets me from point A to point B. (It may be deserted, but this island has a great highway infrastructure.)
  5. The Oregon Trail: I love any game I can play for five minutes or five hours. The Oregon Trail (another ancient PC classic brought back to life on the iPhone) offers a near-perfect blend of strategy, minigames, and humor, and its replay value is sky-high.

Well, there it is, little buddies--the five apps I can't live without. I'm looking forward to seeing your lists in the comments!