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What I Like Most and My Wishlist for New Features

What I like most about the Palm Pre and what I wish the phone could do that it can't.

As promised, today's post will cover what I like most about the Palm Pre and features I wish the phone had that it currently doesn't (a.k.a. what I dislike).

What I Like Most

My favorite feature of the Palm Pre is multitasking. The card format for multiple applications is very user-friendly. Navigating between multiple cards is simple and intuitive: swipe up to go to card view, tap the background while in card view to minimize the cards and see more on the screen at once, swipe left to scroll among open apps, and tap the card you want to go back into a specific app. The screen is responsive and there is virtually no lag time for any of this. In effect, this means you can listen to Pandora while you search the web. Answer a call or write/respond to an SMS and then jump right back into what you were doing before. Open a web page or email or SMS to get info and then copy and paste it into an email or SMS. It's pretty cool.

My Wish List for Improvements

Though (as I have noted iin previous posts) I am generally very happy with this first iteration of the Palm Pre, there is definitely some room for improvement. Here are the top ten new features I would like to see on the Palm Pre:

1. Visual voicemail
2. SMS forwarding
3. Virtual keyboard in landscape mode
4. Universal search of all phone content (i.e., email)
5. More applications (release the SDK!)
6. Voice recording
7. Alarms for Task application
8. External msg. indicator (center button light?)
9. Video recording and editing
10. Contact/Applications/Picture grouping

NEXT UP: Features In-Depth...