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What does VW marketing say about you?

What does VW marketing say about you?

Volkswagen wants you to know that 92 percent of Jetta owners go snorkeling. And that Jetta owners are 40 percent less likely to get separated or divorced. And that 29 percent of these very same owners recycle. It's all part of Volkswagen's marketing campaign for the Jetta, displayed on large, freestanding posters at its New York Auto Show booth. I thought these stats were pretty odd and wondered what happens when a couple sells their Jetta. Do problems start cropping up that never appeared before? Does one member of the couple start having affairs? What magic does the Jetta exert to keep these troubles in abeyance? It's probably the snorkeling. If the Jetta makes most people spend all their time underwater, they can't spend a lot of time arguing. Volkswagen promises to offer more statistics such as these at The Jetta Report.