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Whaddyareckon?: Mobile manners

When it comes to mobile phone etiquette, there are no hard and fast rules. But what are yours? That's what we're asking the punters this week.

No matter how polite and courteous people are in their daily lives, all bets are off when a mobile phone enters the picture.

You may have spent years learning your salad forks from your meat forks at June Dally Watkins' charm school, but a hundred bucks says you've answered your phone at least once while on a bus, in a supermarket queue or at the dinner table.

In the years since mobiles achieved critical mass, many a lifestyle columnist has gotten all uppity about raised voices and inappropriate one-sided conversations. But now that everyone owns a phone, are mobile manners a lost cause?

In this week's Whaddyareckon? we're asking where you stand when it comes to using your phone in public. Are you a proud train talker, or do you scowl at the self-important ninnies who subject an entire carriage to the inane details of their work day?

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