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Webaroo: Wikipedia on your mobile phone

You don't have to be connected to the Internet to access your favourite Web sites -- take it all with you with Webaroo

The Web can be a dangerously addictive thing. Many of us spend all day surfing at work then go home and surf some more. Here we surf, there we surf, everywhere we surf, surf. We'd surf more, but we occasionally have to venture into the outside world where Web access is limited.

Now, thanks to Webaroo, we never have to be separated from the digital need that is the Internet. This software stores entire Web sites (including multimedia links) which you can browse later on your laptop without a connection. You can even transfer the data to your PDA or smart phone for a quick fix when you're on the move.

In addition, Webaroo lets you download Web Packs -- large collections of Web pages containing related data. There are Web Packs for sports teams, wines, actors etc, but our current favourite is the Wikipedia Web Pack, which lets you look up information from the popular Web database. Need fast information to settle a dispute in a pub? Want to impress your date with your extensive knowledge of cocktails? The possibilities are almost endless.

Obviously you can't send emails, pay bills or access streaming services but the software synchronises with the 'real' Web every time you get a connection, so the content stays fresh. Webaroo is free to download and works with Pocket PC phones running Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition or Windows Mobile 5. Get it here. -RR