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WarioWareWii and Twiilight Princess

WarioWareWii and Twiilight Princess

The May 15 issue of Time magazine includes some tasty tidbits about the Nintendo Wii. Time's Lev Grossman has confirmed that The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess has full Wiimote compatibility, with the mythical wandchuck controlling actions such as sword fighting, archery, and fishing. Twilight Princess is still being released as a GameCube title, but Wii-less gamers will be missing out on a lot of the game's features. Grossman's article also reported that the frenetic ADD puzzler series WarioWare will be hitting the Wii. The Wiimote will be used to perform dozens of quick, random tasks, giving gamers even more precise and immersive control than that of the DS touch screen in WarioWare Touched. We still don't know specifically when either Twilight Princess or the new WarioWare will be released, but Nintendo's press conference tomorrow should shed more light on the two titles, and hopefully give us peeks at even more games headed to the Wii.

Source: Joystiq