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Vodafone's iPhone 4 prices: Higher than expected

Vodafone has revealed its iPhone 4 prices -- and the year's most anticipated smart phone is going to cost more that we'd hoped based on an earlier leak

Vodafone has left us crying on our out-of-date iPhone 3GSs with the news that its official iPhone 4 prices aren't as low as the ones it leaked on its Web site last week.

The monthly charges were bang on, but the up-front cost for both the iPhone 4 16GB and iPhone 4 32GB are higher than we'd heard. For example, on the cheapest £25 contract, an iPhone 4 16GB will cost £219 rather than £189.

You can check out all the gory details on Vodafone's Web site, and we've also stuck all the prices for quick reference below.

Stay tuned as we update our iPhone 4 price comparison to reflect these latest deals -- and see who comes out on top for your hard-earned iPhone cash.

iPhone 4 16GB -- 24 month deals

iPhone 4 16GB -- 18 month deals

iPhone 4 32GB -- 24 month deals

iPhone 4 32GB -- 18 month deals