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Virgin Pick & Mix gives flagfall the flick

Virgin Australia has stripped flagfall fees out of its new Pick & Mix plan, giving customers the power to choose which parts of the plan need a boost.

Virgin Australia has today launched new Pick & Mix plans, allowing customers to create their own plan while doing away with call connection fees (flagfall) at the same time.

Yep, Virgin's mascot can get creepier. (Screenshot by CBSi)

Customers opting for the Pick & Mix plan start with an AU$19 per month commitment, buying $19 credit for calls and text messages, plus 100MB of data. Customers can then choose to add unlimited calls for an extra AU$30 per month, unlimited text for AU$10 per month and either 500MB, 2GB or 4GB of data. The bill for a customer choosing the highest data allowance and unlimited calls and messages would be AU$79 per month.

Virgin will offer subsidised phones on Pick & Mix plans and offer a SIM-only BYO phone option as well. There is no ongoing commitment for the Pick & Mix plans, though customers will need to pay out the phone if they leave the telco before they have finished paying for the handset.

The base level credit of $19 doesn't sound like much, but it comes with Virgin's cheapest rate for calls and messages; 15¢ per minute and 15¢ per message, with no call connection fee charged when placing a call. All other Virgin plans charge 40¢ flagfall on top of a 99¢ per minute billing. See the table below for a comparison of Virgin's cheapest plans using Australia's average call length of one minute and 30 seconds.

Plan Cost per month Cost per average call Calls per month Data included
Pick & Mix base plan $19 30¢ 63 100MB
Fair Go 19 $19 $2.38 21 50MB
Fair Go 29 $29 $2.38 79 250MB
Big plan 29 $29 $2.38 168 250MB