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Virgin Mobile kicks out new colors for Flare, TNT, and Arc

Virgin Mobile introduces new colors for its phones, such as the Silver LG Flare, lavender and espresso TNT, and a gold Arc.

Virgin Mobile releases new colors for some of its phones. Virgin Mobile

Aside from the new Shuttle, Virgin Mobile is also churning out new colors of some of its existing phone offerings for the fall season. The LG Flare will now be available in silver, the Kyocera TNT will be available in lavender and espresso (with matching earbuds as an option), and the Arc will be released in a rather audacious gold. The silver Flare will be offered via Best Buy Mobile with a dollar of each purchase going to benefit a nonprofit. The lavender and espresso TNTs are exclusive from Wal-Mart, and you can get a gold Arc at Target stores.