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Virgin kicks off Galaxy S2 4G promo with Lady Gaga tour

In an effort to promote its latest Android handset, the Galaxy S2 4G, Virgin partners with Samsung and Lagy Gaga for the "Born This Way Ball" tour.

A Virgin rep (signified by the branded coat) stands next to a pseudo giant Galaxy S2 4G projecting fan photos from the Lady Gaga concert. Lynn La/CNET

While it's true that Lady Gaga wants your bad romance, prepaid carrier Virgin Mobile really wants you to check out its Galaxy S2 4G instead.

That's why it has teamed up with Samsung to promote the device while sponsoring Mother Monster herself as she goes on tour across the U.S.

Hitting the Pacific Northwest first with stops in Washington and Oregon, the tour made its way to the Bay Area last night in San Jose, Calif.

Two Virgin Mobile kiosks or "activation sites" were set up so fans could take photos of themselves, many of them dressed in homemade Gaga garb.

Those who were there that night and tagged their Instagram photos with the hashtag #BreakFree could scoop up photo prints at the sites as well.

In addition, Virgin "Angels," identified by branded jackets and red, bedazzled shoulder pads, roamed the crowd to demo the handset and take photos of concert goers.

The promotion culminated near the end of the night, when Lady Gaga used a Galaxy S2 4G handset onstage to call one randomly chosen fan at the HP Pavillion. While on the phone, Gaga informed the fan, a 42-year-old mother of two, that a $5,000 donation will be made on her behalf to a local charity in San Jose. She also added that come the end of the concert, they can both share a bottle of whiskey together.

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Virgin has been carrying the device since November, and since that time, has been steadily decreasing its price. In addition to its Black Friday promotion, the phone is currently $50 cheaper due to the "Born This Way" deal, and now costs $279.99.

The 4G smartphone has a 4.52-inch touch screen and a dual-core processor, and runs on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Though we haven't reviewed the unit on Virgin's network, you can read more about the handset in our Boost Mobile review.