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Virgin Digital Red Pass no longer such a good deal

Virgin Digital Red Pass no longer such a good deal

Virgin Digital announced today that it is raising the subscription price of its Red Pass to $14.99 starting July 1. Red Pass, which includes the option to transfer subscription tracks to portable devices, is now on a par with other on-the-go subscription plans, such as Rhapsody To Go and Napster To Go, but here's the thing: Virgin Digital's service doesn't work nearly as well with the breadth of portable devices that the others do, and it still suffers from some irritating performance issues. Plus, at least with Rhapsody and Napster, you have the option of paying about 10 bucks a month for a subscription plan without the to-go aspect. With Red Pass, it's a one-shot deal. At least when it was priced at $7.99 a month, it had the hook of being the least expensive option out there. We have to Virgin Digital props for being upfront about the price shift, though. The service sent out an e-mail to all members informing them of the change and offering step-by-step instructions on how to cancel Red Pass.