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Viiv specs revealed

Viiv specs revealed

While Intel's Viiv has certainly garnered more than its share of press over the past few months, many of the actual specifics of what makes up a Viiv system have been fuzzy at best. We knew the basics--Media Center OS, 5.1 audio, and Instant On/Off feaures, but the actual CPUs and chipsets were not confirmed until this week.

The official word from Intel is that Viiv systems must have a dual-core Intel Pentium D or Pentium Extreme Edition processor. Laptops must have a new Intel Core Duo CPU. The chipsets supported by Viiv are the new Intel 945/955/975 Express chipset family. An Intel PRO/1000 PM or Intel PRO/100 VE/VM network connection is also required.

You can find the official press release and the price list for all of Intel's CPUs on the Intel Web site, and Viiv-branded systems should be available for sale almost immediately.