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Verizon's LG Ally poised to receive Froyo

A support page for an Android 2.2 update has gone live, indicating the carrier should be issuing an announcement in short order.

Android 2.2 finally comes to the LG Ally. Verizon

Verizon is set to begin pushing out another Android 2.2 Froyo update, this time for the LG Ally. Launched last May with the release of "Iron Man 2," the smartphone has been running Android 2.1 for the better part of a year.

Details of the update range from enhancements to the browser to improved security and new versions of the Amazon, Amazon MP3, Facebook, and ThinkFree Office apps. Although the carrier has yet to announce the availability of the Froyo update, a support page has already gone live. Typically these pages hit the Web about a week or so before Verizon begins deploying the software.

One of the first Verizon phones to offer Android 2.1, the Ally is one of the last to pick up Froyo, along with the Samsung Fascinate. As to when the Galaxy S handset will see its dessert, that remains unknown at this time.