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Verizon's buy-one, get-one iPhone XR deal

Over the course of two years, you'll save $750, the full price of a second XR.


If one iPhone XR is good, two iPhone XRs must be better.

James Martin/CNET

Our full review of the iPhone XR is here. How does it compare to the iPhone XS and Pixel 3? We answer that and much more in our exhaustive review. 

Apple's last new iPhone of 2018, the iPhone XR, is now available for preorder. Although it's not quite as expensive as the iPhone XS ($999 and up), the $749 starting price puts it out of reach for many a buyer.

Last week I told you about Sprint's free-XR-with-trade-in deal. In the market for a pair XRs? Verizon is offering an iPhone XR two-fer deal that works like this: Buy any of the new iPhone models (including the iPhone X, XR, XS and XS Max) and get an iPhone XR (64GB) for free -- or a $750 savings on any other XR model.

Unlike Sprint's deal, Verizon doesn't require you to trade in an existing phone. However, you do still need to pay full price for both phones; the "free" part comes in the form of a $31.25 bill credit over the span of 24 months.

In other words, you're amortizing the cost of two phones over two years, but in the end you'll have paid $750 less. Now, that's just the phones; you also need at least one new line of service. Verizon's single-line unlimited plans start at $75 per month. If you're buying two lines, your options start at $65 per month.

The bottom line is that if you like Verizon's service and were planning to buy two new iPhones anyway, this is your chance to save $750 -- even if it doesn't happen all at once.

Your thoughts?

Originally published Oct. 22.
Update, Oct. 23: Clarified that Sprint's deal is not a "buy one, get one."

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