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Verizon rolls out new EV-DO cities

Verizon rolls out new EV-DO cities

Verizon added more cities to its 3G EV-DO network this week, bringing the total number of markets to 48. The expansion comes six months after the carrier announced both the EV-DO network and its accompanying V Cast service at CES in Las Vegas. Verizon is now far ahead of its rivals in the size of its 3G network and the number of multimedia phones that support it.

The new cities include New London, Connecticut; Athens, Georgia; Indianapolis; Lake Charles, Louisiana; St. Louis; Rochester, Syracuse and Long Island, New York; Akron and Cleveland, Ohio; Portland, Oregon; Beaumont and San Antonio, Texas; Richmond, Virginia; and Seattle, Washington.

Though we readily the welcome the news, we're still miffed that EV-DO is not yet available in San Francisco. Sure, the Bay Area isn't the largest metro area in the country, but we happen to be somewhat familiar with gadgets and technology here. Once Verizon gets the necessary spectrum in San Francisco, we should be up and running. Until then, though, we're not happy about staying on the sidelines.