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Verizon expands fiber footprint

Verizon expands fiber footprint

Today Verizon announced that it is expanding its FTTP, or Fiber-to-the-premises, availability in Pennsylvania. The service delivers Internet access to small businesses over fiber optic cables. FTTP is potentially much faster than cable and DSL and is available from Verizon in three separately priced tiers of service: 2Mbps upstream and 5Mbps downstream, which costs $34.95 per month; 2Mbps upstream and 15Mbps downstream, which costs $44.95 per month; and 5Mbps upstream and 30Mbps downstream for $179.95 per month. The high bandwidth of Verizon's service makes it especially attractive for small businesses that need to provide remote access to multiple employees in the field or that run Web and e-mail services locally on site.