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UTStarcom CDM8945 could have V Cast Music

UTStarcom CDM8945 could have V Cast Music

When Verizon announced its V Cast Music service earlier this week, it hinted that a UTStarcom device would have the service eventually. Well, today at CES, we found out that UTStarcom's CDM8945 could be the V Cast phone of choice. It will apparently be a dual-band (800/1900) CDMA phone that's EV-DO capable. Features could include an enhanced message service, multimedia messaging; a 2-inch, 260,000-color TFT main screen; a 1-inch, 65,000-color CSTN external screen; a 330,000-pixel camera/camcorder with flash; a TransFlash card slot; and an MSM6500 chipset. Many of you might be thinking that the pixels on the camera seem quite minuscule compared to today's megapixel models. Our UTStarcom representative said that's due to it being offered as an affordable V Cast phone, so the company cut down a few features to reduce the final price. Bear in mind that this is still the prototype model, so various attributes could change by the time the phone is released.

UTStarcom CDM-8945