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University of Washington offers iPhone development certificate

The University of Washington is offering three courses in iPhone and Mac app development.

University of Washington

If you're anxious to develop an iPhone app but don't know where to start, the University of Washington offers iPhone and Cocoa development certificates that teach the basics of iPhone and Mac development.

The courses include Programming with Objective-C and Cocoa Framework, Developing with the iPhone SDK, and Advanced Cocoa and Mac OS X Development. Currently, the courses aren't offered online, but the university hopes to have online versions next year. You can download a program overview (PDF) of these courses for more information.

Experienced iPhone and Mac developers from Apple, Disney Interactive, Google, Microsoft's Mac Business Unit, NewsGator, and Omni Group developed each course syllabus. What's more, the instructors are experienced Mac and iPhone developers with a combined level of 55 years of experience developing apps on these platforms.

If you don't live in Seattle, there are many alternative ways to learn iPhone development including numerous books and Web sites. There's also Stanford's free iPhone developer course at iTunes U.

Are you interested in developing apps for the iPhone? Have you taken iPhone development courses somewhere that you would recommend to others? Tell us about it in the comments.