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U.S. Cellular lays new prepaid plans on the table

The regional carrier is offering a trio of prepaid data and voice plans.

Samsung Galaxy S II U.S. Cellular
Samsung's Galaxy S II is one phone that works with U.S. Cellular's new prepaid smartphone plan. Josh Miller/CNET

U.S. Cellular is launching three new voice, text, and data plans today for a prepaid lineup that includes both Android smartphones and feature phones.

Both of the two new data plans include unlimited nationwide voice and messaging. Smartphone owners will get 2GB data for $65 per month, and feature phone users will get 1GB data for $50 per month. The third plan, which excludes data, offers 400 voice minutes, 400 text messages, and 400 picture messages for $35 a month.

Eligible Android smartphones include the Samsung Galaxy S II, Motorola Electrify, HTC Merge, Samsung Mesmerize, Huawei Ascend II, HTC Wildfire S, and the Samsung Repp.

Feature phone owners of the Pantech Verse, Samsung Character, LG Saber, Samsung Freeform 4, PCD CDM 8635, and Samsung Chrono 2 can also pick up a new plan.