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Treo 700w updater pulled from Palm's site

Treo 700w updater pulled from Palm's site

As Mobility Today reported earlier, the software update for the Palm Treo 700w has mysteriously disappeared from Palm's support site. There is no explanation as to why it was pulled, and instead, you're met with a brief message that states, "Temporarily unavailable. We anticipate that the Treo 700w updater will be available at a later date. If you have already installed the updater, please disregard this message." Some are speculating that it was yanked because the upgrade was causing some Treo owners problems. We tried contacting Palm to find out why it was pulled and when it would be available again, but we have yet to hear back. In the meantime, we'd love to hear your stories. Have any of you downloaded and started using the update? What has your experience been like? TalkBack to me below.

Update: We just heard back from Palm and they offered us this statement: "After posting the 700w update, Palm received feedback on an issue that appears to be affecting a small percentage of 700w customers running the update. Some decompression software applications may be having difficulty decompressing the .zip file downloaded from the website and, as a result, the installation process will not start. Palm is looking into adjusting the updater, as well as reviewing customer feedback on the installer. Palm and Verizon Wireless are committed to customer satisfaction and are working together to provide this update to our customers as quickly as possible." The Palm representative also said he didn't have a confirmed date or time as to when the update would be reposted but he suspects it will be early this week.