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Transmeta's new niche

Transmeta's new niche

Transmeta has been known for making efficient microprocessors for laptops with long battery life. However, it's been a while since we last saw a new notebook powered by a Transmeta chip. Turns out the company has been busy working on what it announced at WinHEC 2006: a new specialized 90-nanometer Efficeon microprocessor and a reference system platform specifically for Microsoft FlexGo.

FlexGo is Microsoft's new technology that enables subscription computing models targeting emerging markets, currently available only in Brazil. The project works much like cell phone services; it allows consumers to buy a new computer at a discounted price, then pay for the time that they use the computer via subscription fees or prepaid cards.

Th new Transmeta chip and platform support FlexGo at the hardware level to ensure and secure the functionality as well as the integrity of the technology. They will also be present in power-efficient desktops that run on batteries for areas without sustaining electricity.