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Toshiba tablet momentarily priced and named

Online tech store Newegg momentarily displays pricing and model numbers for Toshiba's upcoming Android Honeycomb tablets.

Toshiba tablet pricing.
Click to enlarge. Newegg

(Update: Toshiba has since announced their tablet's official product name -- the Toshiba Thrive.)

We may finally have a price and a name for Toshiba's Android Honeycomb tablet, thanks to a product listing on Newegg (pictured right) that has since been taken down.

The listing showed the tablet in three capacities: 8GB (for $450), 16GB ($500), and 32GB ($580). If you're balking at the lack of a 64GB model, keep in mind that each model accepts up to 32GB of additional storage via SDHC memory cards. The price is reasonable, given specs such as GPS, 5-megapixel rear camera, 3-megapixel front camera, and HDMI output, but the ASUS EE Pad Transformer remains the lowest-priced Honeycomb tablet yet.

The tablets, which Toshiba initially referred to only as "Toshiba Tablet," were listed on the site with model numbers ANT-100, ANT-102, and ANT-104. Considering the Nvidia Tegra 2 processor Toshiba's using to drive the whole thing, those letters likely stand for "Android Nvidia Tablet," but at least the device has a viable nickname now.

There's still no official word on product availability, but with this leak and last month's debut on, we're willing to bet Toshiba's ANT will arrive just in time to ruin Apple's picnic.

(via Laptoping)