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TiVo iPhone app works with TiVo HD, Series 3 DVRs

Control, search, browse, and explore broadcast and broadband programming through your TiVo Premiere and TiVo HD/Series 3 DVRs with this free app.

TiVo's iPad app has been around since late last year, and despite a few holes in the experience, it's a great companion for controlling your TiVo Premiere. Today, TiVo rolled out the iPhone/iPod Touch version of the app, which is essentially the iPad app reworked for a smaller screen. Perhaps what's more important is that both the iPhone and iPad apps now work with TiVo HD/Series 3 boxes, too, though all features aren't supported.

Premiere users get all app functionality--browse the program guide, schedule and manage recordings, and search for content across broadcast and broadband services. TiVo Series 3, HD, and HD XL DVR users get access to the app's guide, scheduling, remote control, search, and explore features, but can't start playback, view info about what's currently being played, see which shows are recorded, and manage recordings.

Don't have a TiVo? Both apps feature a new Guest mode that lets you "sample the TiVo experience" by browsing, searching, and scrolling through program and channel guides for your area's service provider.

When it comes down to it, the best thing about these apps is that you can do all of these things without interrupting what's on your TV screen, and the app interface is much faster for channel surfing than the TiVo interface.

The iPhone and iPad apps are available for download now.